Friday, April 3, 2009
In the previous year two of my favorite internet communities were shutdown. In both cases the owners shut them down. The two sites that I am talking about were the and Now the first site used to be popular warez community. I registered on its way back when I was still using windows and I needed loads of warez. After a while though I stopped using windows so I did not need any warez any more but I still liked to hang out on the site. It was just a friendly like place on the net where I felt comfortable.

The other site was a popular hacker site. It was also a friendly community where I felt welcomed. In addition to that there were loads of people who really knew what they were talking about. All is not lost though because there still is an IRC channel. In retrospect IRC is all one really needs. So is still alive and kicking as long as the IRC is up.

After I posted my tutorial on how to secure ones router on I even got a “privileged,” status. Meaning that I had access to another hidden board where only a few registered members had access to. Of course I was flattered. If I remember correctly I had the “infosec pro,” privileged status. There were others as well even more privileged. One of my associates G-brain held the top one. I could have asked him what kind of stuff they had on the board that he had access to but I never did. He at least to me seemed to act kind of wired. He was using slackware operating system at the time and was acting awfully full of himself. In the circles that I frequent one with real knowledge is referred to as elite or 1337. To me he acted like that and I did not like that. Any way I felt good on the It was a great site! also had a hidden board but it was a VIP board and one had to pay for it. I never paid for anything so far on the net. Besides that I would never buy myself a VIP access to a site. The only thing that I see a good reason to purchase on the net is a private proxy access so that I could surf the IRC channels anonymously.

Any way it is these two internet sites that I kind of felt bad after they were shut down. I was really upset and almost hurt in a way. I guess it may seem odd to someone when I talk about feeling hurt after a site that I really liked has been shut down. To me though these two sites were like two of my best friends. I had many friends and acquaintances that I lost in my life that I never felt bad for losing. Because in life you befriend sometimes people for various reasons and I did that a lot. Sometimes there was just no one else there to talk to and so on but on the internet that is different. All the sites are always available no matter how far they are located no one has a problem reaching them. One has thousands of sites to choose from at any given time. So it is not like in real life where depending on where you live you have only a hand full of people you can befriend. I had many friends like that in my life and when I changed location or whatever I left them behind. Sometimes I was glad that I left them behind. Any way I do not want to get now into some kind of extensive comparison and contract between the virtual and real world.


Anonymous said...

I miss

That was a great site, especially the Infosec Pro section.

Now searching for some remnants of it produces nothing but links to the shell and this post... :(

Anonymous said...

W4 was shutdown effectively by go-daddy, they closed the DNS account and refused to give it back, citing public interest reasons.

Myself and the other admins no longer had the energy to start again.


Anonymous said...

I wish you guys had re-ignited w4ck1ng. That was the best infosec site I was ever part of.

lyecdevf said...

Indeed! w4ck1ng was pure magic.

SLaX said...

h3llfyr3, this is SLaX!! How have you been, man you need to bring w4ck1ng back up for sure! I've been trying to find you guys (and MilkMan) for 6 months now.

Anonymous said...

w4ck1ng was my first and best discovery of the hacking world,it was really a great and generous community with a lot of knowledge,i remember you lyecdevf and some others h3llfyr3,Pikah,Synsta,Silentz,Li0n,...
It's so sad to see it down,but time change and all good things come to the end
Best Regards Chameleon

Anonymous said...

Hiya guys,

A few of us are still around. Myself (stitchup), disfigure, Ice_Chief, fawx9mm. #forkbombers

Pop in and say hi :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Been a while! I've been outta the scene due to 'Unforeseen Circumstances '.

WTF? w4ck1ng gone! No way. Too much has happened while i have been away. These comments look like a little re-union.

My old buddy, h3llfyr3, how have you been? lyecdevf, Chameleon you guys?

Listen, i'm back on the scene for now.

E-mail me:


Anonymous said...


I coming for you