OpenSuse 11.1 and Mandriva 2009 dualboot!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
I just got my self some linux stickers. I had to go to the photo shop to get some linux wallpapers printed out on adhesive paper. I think that this is a must for a serious linux user as my self.

Linux indeed is great. For instance today I turned on the computer. My mandriva instalation for some reason did not allow me to log in. I do not know why. I guess because mandriva is not a reliable distro. However, I solved the problem. I had a suse 11.1 DVD lying around and I popped it in in order to set up a dual boot. I have not set up any partitions. I just thought for some reason that it would work but it did not. Any way at least I had a suse installed on my box I thought to my self. Than I loged in and behold...all my files from mandriva were there. I was just did that happen? I was so perplexed. Even the torrent files were all there. All I had to do was install Ktorrent from repositories and when I ran Ktorrent for the first time I did not even need to import torrent files because they were all there. On top of that the Xcaht program that I use for IRC that I configured in Mandriva was already configured in OpenSuse 11.1. Wonderfull! I do not even have to now take the steps and time to configure Ktorrent, Xchat, and other programs. Just when I thought that this would ruin my day it all seemed to work out in the end. That is how linux works I guess. It screws with you around a lot but if you have time on your hand you can make it work for you. It just happens that I do have time to play around with my linux installations.  

The only thing that I might miss about Mandriva 2009 powerpack was all those X11/windows mannagers that I had installed. I had at least a dozen to chose from and I was just using IceWM. I have to say that I liked it and it was not too difficult for me to get used to. So now I am thinking whetehr I should use gnome or IceWM on my new linux instllation.

I have become quite accustomed to suse. I have been using it now for over a year and I plan to use it for some more time at least. Maybe I am always going to use it. Maybe I am going to move away from rpm packets and into tar.gz. Maybe I am going to start using slackware or gentoo. For the time being these linux distors still seem to be a bit too advance for me. One day maybe that is going to change. In the past few weeks I have been thinking of using slacware because it seems to me to make sense. Although it does not have repositories like most distros and it takes more time to install programs but if you look at it from the point of view that you are using progrmas straight from the developers you may gain some advantage. It is said that programs compiled from source run faster. I am not really concerned about speed though. I just figure installing from source means you cut out the middle person who turns that tar.gz into a rpm. I just think that makes sense in a way.


Fabrice said...

You were unable to log in ?
I'm surprised to hear that.

I knew only 2 issues that may prevent someone from log in :
- inverted numlock keys : juste remove the numlock package, and be sure to activate numlock to enter numbers

- pam_tcb and pam_ccreds issue ( used for secured password and disconnected authentification ) which can be solved by installing the updates, and eventually removing the pam_ccreds package.


lyecdevf said...

Thanks four your feedback. I always wanted to try out Mandriva Power Pack. It worked fine until this happened.