Asus rocks!

Friday, August 20, 2010
Recently I helped some to chose a laptop for his son.  He told me that his son liked to play games a lot and he wanted to buy a gaming laptop.  Although personaly I do not think that laptops make good gaming platforms.  I played Modern warfare 2 on mine and some missions I could not play because my graphic card is a radeon mobility 2400.  The computer crashed when I tried to play the more resource demanding missions and when I discussed this with some one I got the impression that it might not have been the fault of the graphic card after all but maybe the processor which of course is not much either.  Maybe an exception would be the gaming laptop from Alienware but you have to be rich to buy that.  Any way we buy this laptop from Asus for him.  The kid was quiet most of the time although we were buying it for him.  Mostly me and his dad were talking and discussing.  When I spoted the assus laptop I just kept saying how I think that assus makes the best stuff in computers right now and I kept saying that over and over.  I have and USB wifi adapter from assus and it is absolutelly wicked.  I love the way it looks.  It also functions really well.  I do not mind paying more for asus. 

I knew well in advance that we were going to buy it so I gathered some stuff together to ease the process of installation of various software and stuff like that.  I stuffed it all in a blue bag so when I came home I just picked up the bag and walked into my room with the laptop.  I had before hand of course neatly cleaned that corner of the room where I wanted to work on it.  So I just layed it all there on the table and started unpacking.  I used a switch to connect my laptop and his to the internet.  I wanted to browse the net on my laptop while I was installing various software on his laptop.  This is what I have practiced a while now.  I have many times installed linux distros on my machine and during that time I did not have any thing to do so over time I got my self another computer which I could use during the time I was installing a linux distro on the other one.  I some times play games on one and then when I get tired I surf the net on the other one.  Any way so I set it all up and the fun began. 

I fist created a limited account on it.  That is the one I used.  That is the only way it is safe to use windows in fact any operating system.  Linux by defalut has a limited account and when you want to install some thing on it you give it superuser privilages.  It is something similar on windows 7 now.  Back in the windows xp days you had to log out of your limited account, then log into the adminstrator account and then you could install some thing on it.  At least that is how I started doing things when I figured out how dangerous it was to surf the net with administrator privilages. 

So when I unpacked it and looked at it for the very first time I was really blown away.  It looked so good.  Almost everything looks good when it is brand new but in the black color it really looked wicked.  I mean for some thing that costs 729 euros it is supposed to look good.  I showed it to my family and I said at first that I bought it for my self and then I told them the truth.  I also took it to a cyber caffe and I noticed that the waitress there was herself  amazed at the laptop.  I felt pretty good about that because my old laptop really does not look all that good.  So it was a good few days with it while I was configureing and installing stuff on it.   

Since this was supposed to be a gaming laptop one of the first things that I did was to copy my modern warfare 2 folder to his computer.  I placed it in the lower right corner of his desktop and then I started to play the game.  One of the odd thigs about this game/crack is that you do not have to actually install it on a computer.  There are some programs I know of that do not need any installation on a computer but I never much used them.  I always preffered the programs that you install.  I just hated that feeling that I have to look for that particular folder to run a program as opposed to just running it from the start menu. 

I also looked under the "hood," if you can call it that.  Once I removed the plastic cover I noticed that it would be easy to change the hardrive, the processor and the RAM.  Oh, I have not even mentioned what model it was.  It is a K52JR model.  I needed to know in part because I wanted to look at some videos on the net about it and maybe read some reviews.  I wanted to know if we had bought a good laptop.  I personaly think that we did.  Right now I do not remember any thing in particualr that I read about the reviews but I remember being very interested in any thing any one might say about this model.  So any way I screwed everything back and continued to work on installing stuff on it.

So here is the final pic of the laptop with everything installed.  You can notice the big Kaspersky applet in the upper right corner.  I installed Kaspersky to keep the kid safe from any harm on the net but of course anti-virus solutions even the best can not keep any one safe in my oppinion that is why I do not even bother using them.  That is why I was surprised with the applet thingy.  It looks pretty cool if you ask me and I was also surprised at how Kaspersky automatically scans an USB key when inserted.  That is pretty cool too as I regularly find malware on my usb key when I visit photocopy places.