Racists are Scums!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
A few weeks ago some one came on one of my favorite sites called suck-o. He was apparently a racist and started to talk about computers which he apparently did not know any thing about. So I decided to open a thread entitled, "Racists are scums." This is of course true and I believe that. In addition it had the objective to lure that racist to the thread. That is indeed what happened. What happened is best described by some one who helped to put that racist back into his place and I want to quote DrVirus, "P.S. I belive you have distinct problem with reading. This topic says racists are scum. Now as much as I know lyecdevf he meant the people who discriminate in the basis of race. And take degenerative actions against every race but his own. No one actually called you that. Yet you made this your war. NO ONE CALLED YOU SCUM."

That is exactly what happened. He started a war that he could not win because racism in this world is by default a lost war. It was fun though to watch him try to win that war and his vain struggle. I am now going to post parts of that thread to allow people to see the darkness in which these racists live. Any way this is how I started the thread:

For me race never was an issue. Issues that I am concerned about are poverty, ecology, and so on. However, lately it has come to my attention that there is an increasing amount of racism present in the world around us and I am becoming ever more concerned. There is more and more talk about gypsies and other ethnic minorities. I am writing this thread in order to underline that it is never O.K. to hurt another human being on the basis of race.

People who believe that members of another race do not deserver equal opportunities are simply put sub human. When ever I hear or come across racism I am angered. I do not believe that this fits into a society. Any way what do you think about this

The first to post was one of the administrators there. He is very much involved on that site and his comment rejoiced me:

I strongly agree. Racism is really something that should have died a few hundred years ago, and those who still hold on to the more extreme racist thoughts are doing so because of stupidity and because they don't know any better.

After that the older administrators posted. I do not necessarily agree with what they had to say but because they are older individuals I do have to respect them. Any way after which the first loser comments by the racist were posted. Here I quote the whole comment:

[quote="Kirk"]I completely agree with DNR and Cats. I am proud of being white. I take it a step further and say I'm proud of being Italian. If I were Black then I would be proud of that fact because that would be who I am and I can be nothing but proud of who I am.

Don't confuse racism with prejudice. There is a significant difference. Racism is when you're proud of your race. You don't have to hate others based on a look. Prejudice on the other hand is when you categorize a people on certain outstanding qualities, i.e. skin color.

I am a racist. however I can look at a black man as my equal or better but I can also look at a nigger as my inferior. The same goes with my fellow white. I can look on a cracker as an inferior.

If you're a religious person you have to believe that God made us different for a reason and who are we to change what he/she has made.

Whites are by far not the most racist people on the planet. Orientals are. If you have the opportunity I would highly recommend reading The Bell Curve. It goes into the differences of the races.[/quote]

After which some people took offense of the fact that he said that...I just can not doing. I just got tears in my eyes. Any way light soon shone on our little thread by another quality post by DrVirus:

[quote="DrVirus"]I see a lot of people are saying stuff like "I am proud to be white/black/brown" and stuff like "I am a proud member of ------ country". I don't usually do it in this website, but I would like to differ.

I do not consider myself as a part of some country or some race or some religion cause my parents were a part of it. I am a born brown Indian who is supposed to be a member of the Hindu religion. But I like to call myself a global citizen rather than an Indian and I am a hardcore Atheist and I never really considered my skin before reading this topic.

I do not belong to any race, community or religion. And I guess I am pretty proud of it too.[/quote]

That is how I feel too. I do not belong to any race, community or religion. I am a global citizen.

I do not take part in half of all the things that happen on this world. I believe that some individual want to drag people into issues such as race, poverty, child abuse,...and so on but I do not want to take any part in such debates and issues at all and had not that racist showed up at one of my favorite forums I would not of have even bothered to make that thread. I just want to stay clear of these issues that plague society. I am not a racist, I do not care about racists, and I do not want to deal with these issues of race, prejudice,...at all. I just want to live my life with out clutering my mind with such issues in the first place. Any way I believe I got off topic here a bit.

The racist than continued to prove to us that he really lives in complete darkness. He even went on to accuse me that, "I hate people who hate." I guess in the world that he lives he does not even see that is so funny. We all thought that was funny and this is what I had to say about this:

[quote="Lyecdevf"][quote="racist"]You say racists are scum but what you really mean is people who hate are scum (I hate you for this reason). That's basically what this comes down to: Hate. You don't like the fact that I dislike/hate others and in turn you hate me for this. This is some form of -ism in itself. I don't know the name one would call you when you hate those who hate.[/quote]

One word comes to mind...ignorance. In fact I kind of lost my breath when I read that. Should I even continue debating with you? I wonder what would be the point because apparently you do not posses the intellectual ability to debate with me. I mean where in the world did you come to the conclusion that I hate racists because I hate people who hate. OMG,...that is so funny. Where did you get that from. You just pull it out of the air? Maybe that is some kind of -ism and I do not know what that is because I have never debated with such...low life.

Why would I hate people who hate? I hate plenty of people but my prejudice is not based on color, creed or nationality. For instance I hate many people in the entertainment industry because I believe that they are fakes who do not deserve to be famous and rich. For instance I have Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Jack Black, Beyonce, and countless others.[/quote]

Any way after that he gave up and did not post any more. The light has won over darkness and I could sleep once more in hope to see a world filled with light.